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‘Syar Ka Faisal’ is a Nepali folk tale. Nepali Folk Tale


Dharm News : There was a jackal. Once he went out in search of his prey. He saw from afar, a man was walking in front of a tiger. He did not understand the matter and he started following them secretly. Then he heard the voice of the man – Minister, Minister, just wait.’ The jackal, unheard of, increased the speed of his movement. The man again gave voice ‘Sir sir! Just listen to my plea. I was coming to you only.

The jackal thought – this simple man must be in trouble. It is religion to help him. Just listen to it. When this thought came, the jackal stopped and started saying – speak quickly. I also want to reach somewhere early.

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The tiger and the man approached the jackal. The jackal started saying – it would be better if you talk from afar, just talk from afar.

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The man started saying – I am a poor Brahmin. I live as a priest and in this connection was going towards the village on the other side of the hill. On the way, these tigers found Monsieur locked in a cage. Seeing me, he started pleading for help and he took an oath not to harm me and to help me when I am in trouble like a friend. I felt pity for this creature trapped in trouble. I did not even feel the slightest sense of fraud in their mind. I am a person who believes in religious deeds, thought that by getting them out of trouble, I would earn some religion. But now when they are free from trouble, they are reneging on their promise, breaking their oath and eating me and want to satisfy their hunger. We were coming to you to know whether this is the result of my favor. Please do justice. It will be a great blessing.

Hearing the words of the man, the jackal fell into thought for some time. His eyes closed for a while. Seeing his posture, the tiger’s lips started moving in a crooked smile. The jackal saw a crooked smile on the tiger’s face when he opened his eyes. Speaking in a serious voice, he said – Tiger brother! Now let’s listen to you too. Do you know how true this man is telling?

The tiger started saying – it is true that it freed me from a cage. But I am not able to suppress the hunger that arose after getting myself free and seeing it in front of me. But again and again it is stopping me by reminding me of my oath and friendship. It also requested justice from all the creatures I met on the way, but all beings say that the human race is as sweet in the mouth, it is also selfish, unreliable and ungrateful. When his work is done, a man does not show mercy to anyone, even if he has rendered the same service or help? That’s why you also break your promise and satisfy your hunger, then there is no harm in it.

The jackal asked, ‘Which animals were they’?

‘They were cow, buffalo, bull, camel etc.’ The tiger said, ‘The cow says, ‘As long as I kept giving milk, my master continued to do me a great service. Sometimes he would feed green grass, sometimes gram and cottonseed. But when I stopped giving milk, the same owner left me to wander in the forest and become a victim of some wild animal. If I go astray there towards his cowshed, then he drives me away with a stick. The plight of buffalo, bull and camel is also similar. All of them are wandering in the forest as a victim of the selfishness of mankind. The bull has become old and has no power to pull the cart or till the field.

The jackal said while cutting, ‘Yes, there is some truth in his words.’ After saying this, the jackal turned towards the side from which the tiger and the man were coming.

The tiger was somewhat pleased with the jackal’s remark and went on to say, ‘He also says that man is a very unreliable creature because he does not know when to change his maneuver. If a man can be ungrateful, then changing my gait cannot be a crime.’

The jackal said, ‘The suffering of those creatures is really painful. But Bagh Bhaiya, where is the cage in which it freed you after seeing you locked up.

The tiger started saying, ‘The cage is a little far ahead.’

The jackal asked, ‘So tiger brother, you have decided to break your vow’

‘Yes, because the biggest religion in Jungle Raj is to fill one’s stomach. Therefore, making it your victim and eradicating hunger will not be breaking the promise in my eyes. said the tiger. By then the jackal’s eyes fell on the cage. Still, becoming unknown, he started asking, ‘Good tiger brother, just tell me, which object’s cage is made of iron or wood’.

The tiger started saying, ‘Of iron. He is lying in front.

‘What are you talking about, tiger brother! How can you fit in this small iron cage,’ said the jackal with a laugh.

‘You are doubting me, why would I tell a lie,’ said the tiger excitedly.

‘No, I am not doubting, Bagh Bhaiya. There was a curiosity, so I sat asking, do not be angry. If I see you, how did you fit in this small cage?’ The jackal said with a laugh.

‘Take a look.’ The tiger said in a rage and while saying this he entered inside the cage.

What did the tiger enter inside, the jackal closed the mouth of the cage and said, ‘Tiger brother, this place is suitable for a treacherous creature like today. Now you take rest, let’s go.

Saying this the jackal went ahead. The man expressed his gratitude towards the jackal with folded hands. The jackal started saying, ‘Look brother, it is always harmful and fatal to establish friendship with a creature stronger and insidious than yourself. Now run away from here, let me also go my way.’

Hearing the verdict, the jackal went ahead running away.

Syar Ka Faisal is a Nepali folk tale Nepali Folk



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