December 7, 2022
સુરતની લુંટેરી દુલ્હન લગ્નના ત્રીજા દિવસે દાગીના સાથે ફરાર, લોકોના મ્હેણાં-ટોણા સાંભળી યુવાને આઘાતમાં જીવ ટૂંકાવ્યો, પોલીસે યુવતીને વોન્ટેડ જાહેર કરી…

Cases of theft and dacoity are increasing continuously in Gujarat. Once again a very shocking case has come to the fore in Surat city. In Surat city, a robber bride ran away with all the jewelery on the third day of marriage. So a young man from Gir Somnath committed suicide in shock.

The bride and groom took away jewelery worth one lakh fifty thousand rupees. The young man was very upset and after committing suicide, the whole matter has reached the police station. The girl has been declared most wanted by the police and the girl has been arrested on immediate basis.

A new campaign is being run by the police by forming a special team to reduce crime in the city. During the investigation, the police came to know about many facts. The police later arrested the woman on secret information. During the investigation, the name of the woman came up against Haseena Ufre Maya. Hussain along with his sister had cheated a youth of Gir Somnath. These people were found to be residents of Surat. Amarbhai Pura, brother-in-law of Gir Somnath cheated Rs 150,000.

On the third day of marriage, the woman ran away with the jewelery as per her plan. The victim spoke to her son and after hearing the abusive words of the people committed suicide in a social manner.

During further investigation, the police took further action by registering a case of cheating against the bride.

During the police investigation, the woman was married sometime back in Surat but then she got divorced and by indulging in fake business, made people their victims at home.

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