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Summer love story will start after birds? There will be a big twist in the story.

Anupama serial has become quite famous today and this serial is taking a lot of turn in the coming days, due to which more enthusiasm is being seen among the fans. Anupama has got married. Till now no change has been seen in his life. But Anuj is quite scared of Anuj’s decision.

Anuj and Anupama go to the beach for a cool breeze. That’s when Anuj and Anu decide to take her in their arms. Anoop gets very scared on hearing this. This is just an incomparable thing but something is going to happen in the family which will make everyone very angry.

Anupama will be seen in the next episode of the show that Anupama will be very sad after Anuj’s decision. And this will happen at the age of becoming a grandmother.

In the next episode, it will be seen that Samar comes to meet Anupama at the Kapadia house. There he meets his girlfriend instead of his mother. After this there comes a new twist in Samar’s life. His new girlfriend forgets about the coming summer’s river.

Not only summer but other family members will also start getting new people in their life. Also the bird will go for a walk with a boy. According to the information received, this boy will make all the people of the house sleep. Anupama is starting her new life with Anuj after marriage. A lot of funny episodes can be seen in the near future.

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