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Suggested measures for control of pink trunk and white fly in cotton crop

The state government has issued guidelines for the farmers while sowing cotton.

The state government has always been on the side of the world. From time to time, necessary suggestions are given to the farmers for their benefits from sowing to harvesting. The state government has issued guidelines for farmers while growing cotton, suggesting measures to control pink worm and whitefly in cotton crops.

Suggested measures for control of pink trunk and white fly in cotton crop

pink caterpillar in cotton crop ,Pactiophora gossypiella, control measures


According to the list of Deputy Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar, pheromone traps should be installed at the number of five per hectare for survey and monitoring and spray insecticide on 8 plants per pheromone trap trap for three consecutive days. In addition, from the onset of infection to the final weeding of cotton, pheromone traps that attract male pink mint mints at the rate of 40 per hectare have been suggested to be set up on a collective basis by cotton growing farmers.

Suggested measures for control of pink trunk and white fly in cotton crop

Lemon Nut Powder Five Percent, 50 ml. Sprinkle lemon oil and 10 grams washing powder in 10 liters of water after 50-60 days of sowing. For biological control, egg parasite Trichogramma bhamri can be applied four to five times at an interval of 15 days on the underside of the leaf at the rate of 1 to 1.5 lakh per hectare.


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Spray Beauveria bassiana @ 25 kg per hectare when pink worm infestation starts. If insecticides need to be sprayed, spray 7 days after release of parasitic wasps. Remove deformed flowers/wasps from cotton plants and destroy them along with caterpillars before spraying drugs. The list states to check for 100 flowering wasps/mites at the beginning of the flower-wasp and weevil in the cotton crop and if the presence of pink caterpillars is found in five of them, spray the insecticide.

Chlorpyrifos 20 EC 25 ml or Profenophos 50 EC 20 ml or Quinalphos 25 EC 20 ml or Thiodicarb 75 WP 20 g or Indoxacarb 14.5 sc or Emamectin Benzoate 5 SG 5 g or Deltamethrin 1.8 EC or Cypermethrin 10 EC 10 ml. Or take spray of Lambda Cyhalothrin 5 EC 10 ml or Chlorpyrifos 50% + Cypermethrin P% EC 10 ml or Profenophos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC 20 ml in 10 liters of water.

white fly in cotton crop ,Bemisia TabasiI,control measures

To keep a check on the number of whitefly, yellow sticky trap at the rate of 40 per acre. Identification, maintenance and enhancement of natural enemies such as Encarlia formosa, Ancarlia sp., spider, syrphid fly, chrysoperla, dhallia, dragonfly, mantis, predatory ants, wasps, etc., available in cotton fields, which help in suppressing the whitefly population. Huh.

Verticillium lacane 1.15% WP can be applied at the rate of 2.5 kg/ha in 500 liters of water. In case of whitefly infestation, spraying of lemon seed 500 g (5% extract) or 50 ml lemon oil or neem based insecticide mixed with 10 ml (5 EC) to 60 ml (0.03 EC) in 10 liters of water should be done.

Recommended insecticides for cotton white fly control are Thiacloprid 48 sc 5 ml, Flunicamide 50 wg 3 g, Difenfuron 50 wp 10 g, Dinotfuran 20 sg 10 g, Clothianidin 50 wdg 4 g, Fipronil 5 sc 20 ml, Acephate 50% + imidacloprid are 1. 8% SP 10 ml, acephate 50% fenvalerate 3% EC 10 ml fipronil 4% + acetamiprid 4% SC 40 ml mixed with any one insecticide in 10 liters of water should be sprayed as per the list of Deputy Director Agriculture.

For detailed information in this regard contact your local Gram Sevak, KVK Extension Officer, Agriculture Officer, Taluka Enforcement Officer, Assistant Agriculture Director, District Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Deputy Director (Extension), Deputy Director Agriculture (Training) or Kisan Call . Kendra Toll Free, Contact Number- 1800 180 1551.

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