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Such an addiction to online games, 4 lakhs disappeared from the cupboard of the house for ID and gave it to the thugs

In an attempt to get the ID of the online game Free Fire, a class 6 student gave Rs 4 lakh to a thug. After the money disappeared from the cupboard of the house, the father started the investigation. CCTV cameras were installed in the house for surveillance. After which it was found that the money had gone out of the son’s clothes. While talking to the student, he informed his friend’s uncle about paying for the game ID. The father had lodged a case at Wazirganj Kotwali on Saturday. On the basis of which the police have arrested the main accused Nizam Ahmed and his 14-year-old nephew. Three lakh rupees have also been recovered from the accused.

became friends while playing cricket
Anees Ahmed, a resident of Wazirganj, manages the marriage hall. His ten year old son was going to play cricket in the evening. Where he met a 14 year old girl. Who was playing free fire game. The girl also fed the girl student several times on her mobile. After which the student also got addicted to online games. It was a sporting game to protect the eyes of the family members. To go through the new phase, the ID must be purchased online. To solve this problem, the student asked the girl for help. Who took two thousand rupees from the student in the name of getting ID made. According to Anees, the ID was used by his son for about five days. After which the password of that ID was changed. The teenager then approached her uncle Nizam Ahmed for a new ID. Who said a hefty amount would be charged for ID. The teenager started withdrawing money from the closet, saving the eyes of the family members to get addicted to online games.
Earlier the servants were suspicious
According to Inspector Rajkishore Pandey, Rs 3 lakh was recovered from Nizam Ahmed during his arrest. During interrogation, the Nizam confessed to getting the ID from the student through his nephew. Nizam’s friend Aftab is also involved in the incident. Which the police are looking for. Inspector said that Anees was worried about money missing from the house. The servants working in the house deepened his suspicion. That’s why Anees got cameras installed in the house. In the footage, Anees is seen withdrawing money from the cupboard. He questioned the son. But he was not ready to say anything. After somehow convincing, the student allegedly took money out of the closet for an online game. According to the inspector, the police have recovered Rs 3 lakh from the accused Nizam Ahmed.
keep an eye on the kids
Cyber ​​expert Rahul Mishra said that Free Fire is an online battle game. In which many people play together. He said that it is necessary to keep an eye on the children while giving them mobiles. Online game with paid ID or item. Such games should be stopped immediately. Also, children should never reveal the UPI or bank wallet password. These are some of the ways. So that such incidents can be prevented.

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