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Such a design… oh, ho, ho! Toyota did amazing, this car won such a big award

Car makers have been focusing on electric cars and car designs for some time now. All car companies are planning to move towards fully electric cars. Talking about Toyota and Lexus, Toyota and Lexus plan to introduce 30 new electric vehicles by 2030. About 15 of these concept electric vehicles were unveiled last year, including the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV. The cars were introduced to the world as part of the future global electric car line-up of Toyota and Lexus.

Now the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV has won the 2022 Car Design Award for Concept Vehicles in Milan (Italy). The Toyota Compact Cruiser EV has beaten several concept cars like Audi SkySphere, Porsche Mission R, Volvo Concept Recharge, Polystar O2, Lexus Electrified Sport and IED Alpine A4810 to claim the title. The compact Cruiser EV was developed by the Toyota Europe Design Development Center in Nice, France. Let us tell you that the concept SUV is not in a position to launch yet. At the moment it is just a prototype model.

The compact cruiser EV’s design is somewhat similar to the first generation model of Toyota’s famous Land Cruiser. It also reminds us of the 2006 FJ Cruiser. Keeping the retro theme in mind, the compact cruiser EV gets horizontally aligned LED headlights. In the middle is a new grille with Toyota character, which makes it look like the J80 Land Cruiser. It gets a heavy front bumper with a heavy silver skid plate and high squared-off wheel arches, which obviously makes it more suited for off-roading. At the same time, the roof has been given a floating effect. The bonnet is flat.

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