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Stress Or: No one can take screenshot of your photo-video on WhatsApp

Now no one can take screenshots of your photos and videos on WhatsApp. The company has come up with a powerful security feature. How will this feature work and what are its features, know everything in detail…

 Stress Or: No one can take screenshot of your photo-video on WhatsApp

Stress Or: No one can take screenshot of your photo-video on WhatsApp

Now your WhatsApp photos and videos will be more secure than before as it will be difficult to take screenshots.

  • In fact, Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this month that he would be launching three new privacy features on WhatsApp. One of these features was blocking screenshots on View Once Photos. Now, WhatsApp is rolling out this feature to Android beta testers. Screenshot Blocking is a technology that prevents users from taking screenshots of photos and videos at the same time.
  • Currently, this feature is under development on WhatsApp for Android beta and will be released in future updates of the app. How the new feature works, let’s know everything in detail….

WhatsApp new feature

 tracking site WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot giving information about this feature. As per the screenshot shared, whenever a user uses the ‘view once’ feature, WhatsApp will show a pop-up saying that you can forward, copy, save or take their screenshot.

That is, once viewed, the photo will disappear and will not be available again. This new feature of WhatsApp solves a major problem of ‘View Once’ feature but it does not mean that the receiver will not be able to take photos or screen records from any other device.

Apart from this, many new features are coming in WhatsApp, see the list below:

Quiet Group Vacation Facility

Users will be able to leave any group secretly without informing anyone. Now instead of the information of the entire group, only the admin will get its information. This feature has started rolling out to all users this month.

Hide ‘online’ status

Seeing friends or family members online makes users feel connected, but sometimes situations arise when you want to spend private time and hide your online status on WhatsApp without appearing online. WhatsApp has also solved this problem. WhatsApp is introducing the ability to choose who can and cannot see you when you are online. It will start rolling out to all users this month.

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