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Soon Anuj and Anupama will go on honeymoon Vanraj will feel that this is the biggest twist of his life.

A tremendous twist is about to come in the story of Rupali Ganguly starrer serial Anupama. So far it has been shown in the show that Anupama and Anuj are married. Anupama has reached her father-in-law and even after marriage, all the rituals have been completed. Anuj promises her that he will face all the difficulties in life together. Soon Anuj and Anupama will go on honeymoon. On one hand, the chariot of Jaya Anupama’s life is slowly moving forward.

Ever since Kavya told Vanraj about her divorce, a strange fear started haunting her. Kavya feels that she is not worthy of Vanraj’s trust. While all this was going on, suddenly Kavya’s conversation started with her ex-husband Anirudh.

Bane comes to know about this and calls Kavya very wrong. Vanraj will also listen a lot as soon as Kavya comes in front of him. Then Kavya will raise the issue of divorce. Along with this, he will also threaten Bane. With this he says that Anirudh will continue to come to Shah house as Anuj used to come. Everyone is surprised to see this form of poetry.

After marriage, Anupama will complete the first cooking ritual with her father-in-law. During this Anuj will also help them. Anupama will be seen in the upcoming episode that Anuj will talk to Anupama about going on a honeymoon. Anuj had already prepared a lot for this. On the other hand, Vanraj must tell his family that Anupama will no longer interfere in his life and Anupama will not care about Shah House.

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