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Some Bollywood actors whose death has not been disclosed yet

There are many Bollywood actors who have made a name for themselves in the industry but have lost their lives. The mystery of his death has not been revealed even today. Even though the film industry seems to be in turmoil, this place can make anyone an overnight star and even put someone on edge. Today we are talking about some such stars whose death is still a mystery.

Divya Bharti: Got this news on 5th April 1993 and everyone was shocked. Actress Divya fell from the balcony of her own house and died. He was taken to the hospital but died on the way.

Parveen Babi: The actress ruled Bollywood for a long time but passed away at her home in 2005. At that time Parveen was considered a cool and glamorous actress but she succumbed to schizophrenia. After not picking up the milk and paper lying outside the house for several days, the police broke the door of his house and took out the dead body.

Sridevi: Famous actress Sridevi is one of those great actors who gave many hits during her career. She had gone to Dubai for a wedding where she died mysteriously. He died on 24 February 2018 after drowning in the bathtub of Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai. How he drowned in this bathtub and how he died is still a mystery.

Guru Dutt: The death of Guru Dutt Sahab, who gave his acting and many hits, was also very mysterious. It is said that his relationship with his wife was not going well and he liked Waheeda Rehman but Waheeda often refused him. They were immersed in his sorrow. One day he was drinking alcohol in his house. Then a friend of his comes there and the same friend comes there again, in a few minutes, Guru Dutt had died. On her table was a glass with a pink drink. It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office.

Jiah Khan: Actress Jiah Khan, who started her career working with an actor like Amitabh Bachchan, also passed away mysteriously. At first glance it looked like suicide, but Jia’s family called it a murder.

Sushant Singh Rajput: His fans cannot forget the death of this actor even today. His death also happened in a very mysterious way. It is said that he had committed suicide but there were many claims which proved to be false which can be termed as suicide. He did not have any suicide note. So much so that there was no table or anything else in his room to reach the fan. No one has been able to send the correct solution yet, which is not strange. There are still many questions over his death.

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