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Smoking reduces the risk of this deadly disease! Scientists made shocking disclosure


Smoking reduces the risk of this deadly disease! Scientists made shocking disclosure

Smoking has many disadvantages, so experts recommend not smoking or quitting. But according to a recent study, people who smoke have a lower risk of heart attack. You will learn in this article on what basis this study was done.

Smoking has a very bad effect on the body. Due to which many types of problems and diseases occur in the body. You may have heard many smokers argue that they smoke, but they also get proper nutrition and exercise. These habits are enough to keep him healthy, while he is not. Experts say that a good diet and exercise do not in any way reduce the health risks of smoking.

Quitting smoking may reduce risk of serious coronavirus infection, says study, world news
That’s why researchers are researching smoking and its harm, but a recent study has revealed a surprising thing. Research shows that people who smoke have a lower risk of having a heart attack. But wait, this does not mean that you should start smoking to avoid heart diseases. First know what the study claims.

what the study found
The study was conducted by researchers from the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid and published in the Journal of Experimental Biology. Study co-author Saeed Khatib said the aim of the study was to compare plasma levels of A1AT among smokers, non-smokers, people with high blood pressure and people with low blood pressure.Surgeon General: Not enough doctors advise patients to quit smoking.  modern healthcare

The study was conducted on 29 men and 11 women and was divided into 4 groups of smokers and non-smokers. After that, blood samples of those people were taken within 1, 4, 24, 48 and 96 hours.

Alpha-1 anti-trypsin (A1AT) is a type of protein found in the liver and protects body tissues. According to the research, the level of alpha-1 anti-trypsin was ‘significantly lower’ in non-smokers compared to non-smokers. Research has shown that higher levels of A1AT in smokers during a heart attack improve their chances of survival. And as mentioned above, people who smoke tend to have higher levels of the alpha-1 anti-trypsin. Therefore, those people were found to be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Knowing the findings after the study does not mean that you should start smoking. Scientists have also argued that this is the case, but this requires more research.

harm of smoking
Experts do not recommend anyone to smoke. According to him there are many disadvantages of smoking. like3 Reasons Why Smoking Before Surgery Isn't An Option - Cleveland Clinic

shortness of breath
heart attack
the strokes
blood circulation problems
dental problems
visual impairment
decreased fertility
Therefore one should not smoke and if someone has a habit of smoking then he should quit as soon as possible.



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