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Smartwatch with Apple Watch design to win hearts! get less than 2 thousand

We all try to stay fit and for this we also use many new products and devices. Today we are going to tell you about such a smartwatch Diso Watch D, which can be bought at a low price and you are being given many great features in it. This smartwatch has been launched some time back and it is quite stylish to look at. Let’s know everything about it..

Reality’s Tech Life brand Dizo has launched a new smartwatch Dizo Watch D. The specialty of this smartwatch is that it is equipped with great features at a low price. Although its price is quite low, but this smartwatch looks like Apple Watch. It has a metal frame and 22mm silicone strap with curved tempered glass. It looks exactly like the Apple Watch.

Though all the features of Disco Watch D are amazing but one feature that has grabbed everyone’s attention is the battery life of this smartwatch. Dizo Watch D packs a 350mAh battery that can be used for 14 days on a single charge.

Dizo’s new smartwatch, Dizo Watch D, comes with a 1.8-inch LCD display with 550nits brightness. In this smartwatch, you can change the face of more than 150 watches and also personalize it. The device supports over 110 indoor and outdoor sports activities. With Dizo Watch D, you can monitor heart rate and blood oxygen, track sleep, and access many such features.

Let us tell you that Dizo Watch D is being launched in India for Rs 2,999 but for a limited time it can be taken for Rs 1,999. Its sale will start from June 14. Dizo Watch D will be available in Classic Black, Steel White, Copper Pink, Dark Blue and Bronze Green colours.

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