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Side effects of garlic: Eating too much garlic is harmful to health, know its side effects


Eating garlic is beneficial for health. Garlic is full of medicinal properties. Garlic contains nutrients like vitamins, iron, calcium and potassium which help in curing many health problems. Apart from this, the anti-oxidant, anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of garlic are very beneficial for the body. But garlic can do more harm than good to your health.


Side effects of garlic

Yes, eating too much garlic can be harmful to health. Eating too much garlic can cause bleeding problems. Digestive problems may also occur. So garlic should be consumed in limited quantities. So let’s know about the health damage caused by consuming too much garlic.


Disadvantages of eating garlic

May cause liver problems

Eating too much garlic can cause liver problems. Since raw garlic contains antioxidants, it can cause toxins to accumulate in the liver and cause liver toxicity. So avoid consuming too much garlic.


May cause digestive problems

Eating too much garlic can cause digestive problems. Because eating garlic on an empty stomach can cause problems like bloating, gas, vomiting, diarrhea and flatulence. So, if you suffer from digestive problems, you should avoid consuming too much garlic.

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Bleeding problems may occur

Eating too much garlic can cause bleeding problems. Because garlic has been found to have properties that work to thin the blood. So, if you have blood thinners, you should avoid eating garlic.



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