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Should You Never Eat Any Kind of Sugar at All? Hear What the Experts Have to Say!!

"Sugars that come from highly processed and packaged foods are the ones you should avoid. Sugars found in cereals, jams, cookies, ketchup, nut butter, granola bars, chocolate, or cola, as well as sugars found in candy, "a well-known nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, said

There is a lot of disagreement about how much sugar people should eat. This is because eating too much sugar is linked to a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, among other bad health effects. Because of this, people are getting more worried about eating it, and some have stopped eating any kind of sugar altogether.

A famous nutritionist named Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram to talk about the issue and explain whether we should skip it or not. Yes, the expert said, you should skip the sugar. But do we have to stay away from all sugars? “NO,” she said again.

“You should stay away from sugars that come from highly processed and packaged foods. “Sugars that come from cereals, jams, biscuits, ketchup, nut butter, granola bars, chocolate, or cola, and sugars in candy,” she said.

She says that you should stay away from these sugars. Sugar is just one of the things that go wrong with ultra-processed and packaged foods. “If you get sugar from these things, you should never eat it again,” she said.


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But you shouldn’t skip sugars that are part of a healthy, balanced diet, like local, seasonal, and traditional foods. Also, you don’t have to stay away from homemade sweets like halwa, laddoo, etc., and the sugar you put in your tea, coffee, and sherbet. She said, “You can keep eating these sugars and still be healthy, fit, lose weight, and have good skin.”

Then why is there so much worry about how much sugar people eat? She said, “We worry so much about sugar because worrying about just one thing is good for the food industry and, of course, the weight loss industry.”

The food industry tells us that sugar is bad for us, but it also makes sweeteners and sugar-free alternatives. “It changes the way the sugar is made and puts it back on the market. You can buy products with and without sugar.”

Are Sugars Like Drugs?

A lot of people worry that sugar is hard to quit. But, she said, the designer molecules in packaged and highly processed foods are what make people want to keep eating them. “These packaged and processed foods are made up of molecules that have never been eaten by humans.

So, you have what is usually called “designer molecules” like emulsifiers, colorants, and stabilizers. These are not foods that people eat, but they are added to food to improve its taste, texture, longevity, or shelf life. Rujuta said, “These are the molecules that make the product addicting, which is why a person who drinks sugar-free cola will never drink sugar cola again.

Are Cancer and Diabetes Caused by Sugar?

Now, the expert said, there is no cause-and-effect link between sugar and diseases like cancer or diabetes. “However, there is a connection between eating highly processed and packaged foods and being overweight. And being overweight can make you more likely to get sick.”

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