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Shocking Twist in Anupama: Maya Brainwashes Anu Against Anuj and Anupama


The newest episode of the popular television drama Anupama, which aired on March 10th, 2023, was full of drama and suspense as Maya’s manipulation continued to destroy Anupama’s life.

Anuj’s Heartbreak and Maya’s Cunning Plan: The Latest Drama in Anupama

Maya’s manipulations took a new twist in this episode when she placed Anupama against Anuj, her former business partner and love interest. Maya said that Anuj was untrustworthy and only cared about Anupama’s money and properties.

Despite Anupama’s initial resistance to Maya’s accusations, Maya’s constant pressure began to wear her down. Anupama began to question Anuj’s intentions and found herself questioning whether she had made a mistake in getting involved with him.


The episode finished with Anupama in a state of doubt and turmoil, unsure of what to believe or whom to trust. Maya’s deception had successfully turned Anupama against her career and Anuj, leaving her feeling alone and insecure.

Fans praised the episode for its gripping storyline and great performances by the actors. Rupali Ganguly, who plays Anupama, was praised for her nuanced portrayal of a woman looking for her place in the world while dealing with family and societal pressures.

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