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Shalu and Ayush Plan: Rishi’s Heartfelt Confession Brings a Major Twist in Bhagya Lakshmi!


Shalu tells Ayush that Rishi will confess his feelings if they finish their work right now. Malishka informs Sonal that Lakshmi is alone and that this is the ideal time to feed her the spiked laddoo. She explains that they will feed the laddoo to Lakshmi and that the powder will bring out Lakshmi’s true self. Ayush tells Shalu that when a person is incapacitated, he loses control of himself and expresses his feelings. He motivates her to think positively. He claims that emotions emerge on their own. He goes on to say that he genuinely loves Shalu. He stuns her by saying, “I love you, Shalu.” He gives Rishi the spiked Thandai. We also covered Thandai Reveals Rishi’s Truth.

Laxmi bhagya

He informs Shalu that Rishi will now confess everything to Lakshmi. He instructs Shalu to wait and see what happens next. Rishi approaches Lakshmi and informs her that she is looking at everyone while he is only looking at her. He expresses a desire to communicate with her. Ayush requests that he tell Lakshmi, “I love you.” Rishi expresses his feelings for Lakshmi. He makes a public apology. Lakshmi, like the rest of the Oberoi family, is taken aback. Malishka becomes irate, while Ayush and Shalu celebrate the success of their plan. Here is about Sonia Claims Lakshmi.


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