December 6, 2022
અનુરાગ બાસુ ની હાલત જોઈને ડોક્ટર એ કહી દીધું હતું કે માત્ર ૧૪ દિવસ જ જીવશે, પરંતુ તેમણે હાર માન્યા વગર કેન્સરનો સામનો કર્યો

Filmmaker Anurag Basu has made a very good film in his life. At one time the doctor even gave him the message of death. Doctor said Anurag Basu was very scared when he heard that you have only two weeks. Anurag Basu did not give up and won the battle of life by defeating blood cancer. Anurag Basu was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2004.

Seeing Anurag Basus condition the doctor told him that he

Anurag Basu recalls his cancer time when he was told by a doctor that he had only 15 days left. Anurag Basu says it was one of the scariest times of his life. His wife was seven months old when the doctor diagnosed her with cancer. Anurag says that time I was very scared.

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Anurag did not tell his wife about his cancer but according to media reports, he came to know about it. After this Anurag was taken to a hospital in Mumbai where he was given medicine and gradually recovered. Anurag Basu says that with the help of Sunil Dutt, he got good treatment immediately. Also at that time many people from TV and film industry used to come to meet me. At that time many people gave him blood. Anurag Basu is still grateful to those who donated blood.

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