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Savarkundla MLA Pratap Dudhat had to take a lot of selfie with the lion, know the whole matter

Interfering with any kind of animal in the forest department is a legal offense. A photo of Savarkundla MLA Pratap Dudhat taking a selfie with a lion living in Gir is currently going viral on social media. But some questions have been raised against him. Since then they have been ordered by the Forest Department to investigate. Then the MLA of Savarkundla, Pratap Dudhat said that if taking selfie becomes a crime, then who will be responsible if a lion comes in the field?

His pictures are going viral on social media. This photo shows a group of four to five lions coming to drink water. MLA Pratap Dudhat arrived by clicking selfie photo.

Although taking photos with any animal is a legal offense as per the rules of the Forest Department, many questions have been raised against the MLA for taking selfie photos and going viral on social media.

On talking to Pratap Dudhat, it was learned that he had admitted that his pictures had gone viral on social media. Then Pratap Milk you said that if the field is up then who is responsible. Also when the member said that he would take care for the second time.

In this case, immediate action is being taken by the Forest Department on the lions living in Gir and they are doing a very good job.

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