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Salt Lake City Council to Vote on Mayor’s $444 Million Budget Proposal


SALT LAKE CITY — On Tuesday, the Salt Lake City Council will vote on a budget of $444 million, which has been proposed by Mayor Erin Mendenhall. Andrew Wittenberg, the mayor’s spokesperson, joined Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News to discuss the details of this budget.

According to Wittenberg, the budget aims to tackle various issues, including affordable housing and improving air quality. A notable allocation of $10 million would be dedicated to affordable housing initiatives.

“We plan to utilize our RDA loan program and RDA adaptive reuse programs to construct more affordable and deeply affordable housing,” Wittenberg explained.

“Over the past few years, we have increased funding for this by 413%, and we intend to maintain this trajectory to bring more affordable housing into the market very soon.”

Additionally, Wittenberg highlighted that the $444 million budget seeks to address air quality concerns. This would involve initiatives such as providing e-bikes to residents and transitioning from gas-powered to electric lawn mowers.

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