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Salman Khan beats his bodyguard Shera to death, know the reason for the fight

Salman Khan has an important place in the world of Bollywood. Everyone likes him very much and he has been seen in a lot of discussions on social media for some time now. One thing has come in front of the media about Salman Khan that he has not only raised his hands on the shares like his brother, but has also raised his dispute over the shares. So a lot of talk of both is happening on social media. Now everyone is wondering why Salman Khan has raised his hand on Shera. How could it be that there was a big fight between the two.

Salman Khan’s special is this person i.e. Shera. Shera has been given full responsibility for the rescue of Salman Khan. But Salman Khan has spoiled his bodyguard very badly. The whole matter is that boxing training was going on in which his bodyguard Shera challenged Salman Khan.

At first Salman Khan was not ready to accept the challenge but his bodyguard insisted that Salman Khan accepted the challenge. Then there was a fight between the two and Salman Khan was shocked and people had a lot of fun seeing this fight. That is why there was a fight between the two.

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