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Sad scene of Sidhu Musewala’s last journey, father removed turban, father bid farewell to son with fever, watch video

Renowned singer Sidhu Moosewala was given a last farewell at Musa village in Mansa district of Punjab. A large number of people were present in the last farewell of Sidhu Musewala. On this occasion, the sorrow of a shameless person was also seen melting.

On this occasion Sidhu Musewala’s father broke down and started crying loudly. Seeing the son’s body in front of his eyes, Sidhu Mujsewala’s father took off his turban. After taking off the turban and saying goodbye to the son, his father started crying loudly.

The Punjab Police has also arrested five suspects in the Sidhu Musewala murder case. A police official said five people were detained near Shimla bypass road and taken to Punjab for questioning.

Significantly, in Mansa district of Punjab, famous singer Sidhu Musewala was attacked by unknown assailants on Sunday. In this firing, Musewala died on the spot.

The attack comes a day after the state government downgraded Musewala’s security. The five were on their way to Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

Musewala’s body was handed over to his family at 8:15 a.m. at the NASA Government Hospital. Meanwhile, some relatives of the singer also reached the hospital. The body was taken to Singer’s old house at Musa village in Mansa. He was later buried here.

During the last rites of Sidhu Musewala, his house and the entire village were under heavy police cordon. Singer’s house was crowded with his fans since morning. On this occasion, many people also raised slogans in support of the singer.

On the occasion, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann announced on Monday that a judicial commission headed by a sitting High Court judge would investigate the murder of Musewala.

Sidhu Musewala’s wedding was also to take place in October. She was to be married six months later in October. The girl to whom he was to be married was also present at his funeral. Seeing the funeral of the future husband, the condition of the girl also deteriorated.

Lakhs of people took to the streets to bid farewell to Sidhu Musewala. His close relatives say that he has stopped eating his pet dog after Musewala’s murder.

At the same time, during the funeral of the son, his father took off his turban and said goodbye to the son by giving him fever. Seeing this sight, the audience got teary-eyed. The entire village was in mourning during the last rites of Sidhu Musewala.

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