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Russian President Vladimir Putin dies of cancer after 3 years

A Russian intelligence official has claimed that President Putin will only live for three years. According to a British newspaper report, an official of the Russian Federal Security Service claimed that Putin’s doctor had given him three years. He has cancer and his disease is spreading rapidly. The official also claimed that Putin was having trouble seeing.

According to the report, 69-year-old Putin has cancer and his health is deteriorating. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday dismissed reports that President Putin was ill and his health was deteriorating. At the same time, he said that President Putin is no one else sick.

A Russian official said: “We were told that he had a headache and because of this he was asked to give a speech in capital letters when he came to speak on TV so that he could easily read it. The size is so large that only two lines per page can be accommodated. His vision is severely impaired.”

Detectives have also claimed that Putin’s hands and feet are now trembling. Often they can’t control it. Earlier in the year, some TV footage showed them shaking hands. During a meeting broadcast in April, Putin was seen holding a table to check his balance.

There is already a lot of talk about the health of President Putin. It was started by a popular Russian Telegram channel. It was claimed that Putin’s doctor had warned him that he would be temporarily disabled due to the surgery, forcing the president to hand over power to an aide.

British intelligence official Christopher Steele said in a statement that Putin had missed some meetings because of his treatment.

Since then, discussions have started all over the world regarding his health. The news about his health comes at a time when the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on and it has been three months. There is still no sign of the end of this war.

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