December 6, 2022
યુક્રેનને સહયોગી દેશ તરફથી મળી રહેલા હથિયારો પર રશિયાએ કર્યો હુમલો, ટેંક સહિતના બખ્તરબંધ વાહનો નો સર્વનાશ

Russia’s defense ministry says its forces attacked Kyiv on Sunday. The attack destroyed tanks and vehicles donated to Ukraine by its allies. The attack also destroyed five weeks of peace in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. However, Ukraine has not confirmed the attack.

Russia attacks Ukraines arms supplies from Allied forces destroys armored

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a post on the Telegram app that long-range missiles had been fired at Kyiv. A T72 tank delivered by Eastern European countries was broken into on the outskirts of Kyiv. Also some armored vehicles were destroyed.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed that it had shot down a Ukrainian plane carrying arms and ammunition near the Black Sea port in Odisha. He also said that he had attacked an arterial training center in Ukraine. In which the post of the soldiers has also been destroyed.

1655108326 648 Russia attacks Ukraines arms supplies from Allied forces destroys armored

It is noteworthy that Moscow is angry with the weapons and military aid that Ukraine receives from America and European countries in the war. The United States recently announced that it would provide Ukraine with an advanced missile system.

Russia’s deputy foreign minister has said that maintaining arms supplies to Ukraine could escalate tensions between Moscow and Washington. America, which is waging war against Ukraine as well as Moscow, wants Russia to be defeated.

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