December 7, 2022
Rupa's soul was shaken to see where Aamir Khan's fearsome film fair robber suddenly disappeared from the screen.
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Aamir Khan’s film Mela’s menacing bandit suddenly disappears from the screen, which tingles Rupa’s soul…Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha is about to release. A lot of talk is being heard about the film. It remains to be seen what happens with this film, but whenever Aamir Khan is mentioned, the name of his film Mela comes up again and again…

Rupa’s soul was shaken to see where Aamir Khan’s fearsome film fair robber suddenly disappeared from the screen.

even though this film was a super flop of his career. But the characters in this film were so interesting that they are often mentioned even today. One such character was Gurjar Daku, whose brutality and brutality brought tears to the eyes of not only poor Rupa and the villagers, but also the audience.

Twinkle khanna

Twinkle khanna

This character became so famous that even today Tinu Verma who played this character is included in the list of most dangerous villains. But where did Tinu Verma suddenly disappear to and what is she doing these days?

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Tinu Verma shot to overnight fame with Aamir Khan by acting in several films, Twinkle Khanna’s Mela in 2000, but she worked in films before that. As an actor, before Mela he appeared in Unke, Phathak and Daima, while after Mela he acted in Bhojpuri films besides Ma Tuje Salaam. The special thing is that Tinu Verma is not only an actor but also a well-known stunt director.

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From Shola and Shabnam in 1992 to Sunny Deol’s Gadar, he stepped into the role of stunt director and impressed people with his work every time. Brother Injured By Sword In 2013, over a personal dispute, Tinu Verma attacked his half-brother. A sword and then run away.

Later the police took him into custody. Tinu Verma has been away from the big screen ever since. Although he worked as an actor in Bhojpuri films in 2016 and 2020, he has almost disappeared from Hindi cinema.

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