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Romance on Zoom video call: Religious program was going on online, couple started romance,

With the advent of the corona pandemic, the trend has shifted from online classes to online meetings. People literally connect with each other and have their say. But sometimes something happens during online meetings and classes, which causes embarrassment to people. Meanwhile, a case has come to the fore, knowing about which you will be stunned.

A couple made such a mistake during an online meeting that they had to face embarrassment in front of everyone. This case is from America where the couple attended a Jewish religious program through a Zoom meeting. The event was attended by a large number of people including the couple, who kept their cameras and speakers on. But the big mistake made by the couple was that they thought their camera was silent and the video was off.

Actually, a video of the couple was played during an online meeting on Zoom, from which their private moments were captured on camera. The most shocking thing is that there was a romance between this couple for 45 minutes and it was not known that their video was playing.

Although some people tried to stop them from doing so during the online meeting, but both were so busy in romance that they did not know anything. However, later someone sent a personal message to the couple, after which they came to know about it. He was embarrassed when he found out.

This whole matter is from Minneapolis, USA. The identity of the couple was not disclosed during the online meeting on Zoom. The video shows the couple walking around the room without clothes on.

However, there have been many such incidents during the Zoom online meeting. During the Zoom meeting, videos surfaced doing this in front of many couples. It is said to have been a Jewish religious occasion. Almost everyone participated. Meanwhile, the video of the couple was playing, due to which their actions were caught on camera.

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