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Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2 Release Date: Is Season 2 Going to Continue or End?


Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2 Release Date: The anime series Rokudo’s Bad Girls, which was written by Yichiro Momose, was based on the manga series Rokudo’s Bad Girls. Fans of anime have shown a lot of support for this series because of how interesting the story is and how strong the main female characters are.

Even though they are different in many ways, they learn to work together as they go through the ups and downs of jail life. People have said that the show has a great story, great acting, and a realistic look at life in jail.

As a Rokudo member, I’m excited about the start of Season 2 of Bad Girls, and I can’t wait to watch it. The show already has a big fan base, and people are very excited for the second season to start. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the second season of Bad Girls on Roku, including a review of the first season, possible story twists, show hype, and a lot more.

Is Season 2 of Bad Girls on Rokudo’s Going to Continue or End?

The things Rokudou Tousuke has done wrong. People make fun of him at school and give him dirty looks, and the only way he can find the strength to say how upset he is is behind the backs of his other friends who are in the same situation.

In an effort to change his life for the better, he uses a valuable family heirloom: a scroll that can get rid of all devils. People think that the second season will start airing in 2024.

Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2 Expected Release Date

The production company for Rokudo’s Bad Girls, Satelight, has announced that the second season of the show will start in 2024. Even though there isn’t a set date yet, fans of this gripping series are excited about the news.

Rokudo's Bad Girls Season 2 Release Date

Bad Girls, a famous supernatural action anime made by Rokudo, is almost ready to start its second season. Since its first season in 2020, the show has gained a large number of fans. Right now, the official date for Season 2’s release is going to be revealed Soon. On the other hand, Season 2 is expected to come out sometime in 2024.

There is a good chance that more information about the third season of the show will be made public in the very near future. Fans of the show should keep an eye out for any new information.

While waiting for the premiere of Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2. You can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are Slow Horses Season 3 and Dr. Stone Season 3.

Rokudo’s Bad Girls Story

Tousuke Rokudou is a first-year student at Amori High, where most of the students are in trouble with the law. He wants a peaceful life with the people he hangs out with.

This seems impossible, though, because his disruptive friends keep picking on him and making him feel bad. When things are at their worst for Rokudou and his friends, a mysterious package from his grandpa, who has been dead for a very long time, is sent to him.

People say that the strange scroll, which has been in his family since the Heian era of Japanese history, has a way to keep evil and demons away. There is also a priest’s robe inside the chest. He does the right to turn on the power of the scroll so that he can fight against the criminals who are making his life hard.

Rokudo's Bad Girls Season 2 Release Date

After a bad-behaving young woman puts an end to a bully who had been bothering Rokudou, his friends figure out that using the scroll doesn’t protect the user from evil spirits and monsters.

Instead, it makes him popular with bad girls. Rokudou swears on his honor to get stronger and use his power to make his dream of a peaceful school life come true. Along the way, he doesn’t mean to, but he ends up with a group of rebellious schoolgirls.


Rokudo’s Bad Girls is a popular supernatural action anime based on the manga series. It has a big fan base and is expected to start its second season in 2024. Rokudou uses a mysterious scroll from his grandpa to fight criminals and become popular with rebellious schoolgirls, but it does not protect him from evil spirits.

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