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Rishi Expresses His Emotions in Front of Everyone: Rishi Explains That True Love on Earth is Worship


Rishi informs everyone that he is about to reveal an important fact. He wishes Dadi and Virender a joyous Holi. When he is stuck in a problem, he says he just thinks of Lakshmi and her smile, and everything works out. Ayush and Shalu are overjoyed. Rishi explains that true love on earth is worship, and the one who receives it receives a blessing from God; he also received that blessing and that love, but he didn’t understand it, and he was close to receiving his love but missed it. He declares that he will express his emotions in front of everyone. He is relieved to have Lakshmi with him. Lakshmi is concerned that Rishi will confess his feelings for her and that many relationships will suffer as a result. She wants to put a stop to him. Here is about. Here is  Malishka’s Confession  Leaves Bhagya Lakshmi in Shock

Rishi is Moved to Express His Feelings for Lakshmi

Dadi requests that Virender stop Rishi or Lakshmi and Malishka’s hearts will break. She doesn’t want Rishi to push himself too far. She suspects Rishi may have said something incorrectly. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he considers himself fortunate to have her. Lakshmi curses him and tells him to stop. Ayush and Shalu request that Rishi simply say it. Rishi expresses gratitude for having a friend like her and expresses deep admiration for her. Rishi, according to Ayush, adores Lakshmi. He inquires about Rishi’s feelings for Lakshmi. Rishi is moved to express his feelings for Lakshmi. Ayush and Shalu are overjoyed. Rishi says he loves Lakshmi if friendship can be called love. He let Ayush and Shalu down.

Laxmi bhagya

Rishi expresses: How Lakshmi Saved His Life Again and Again

He claims that Lakshmi has saved his life numerous times and that he worships her like he worships his parents, that he loves her because she is the most important person in his life, and that he is indebted to her. He claims that everyone loves his life and the person who protects it. He goes on to say that he will love Lakshmi until the end of his life. He expresses his gratitude to her. He arranges for Malishka to arrive.

He claims to be responding to someone who has questioned him. He promises to reveal who he loves. He expresses his feelings for Malishka. Lakshmi sobs upon seeing them. Malishka tells Rishi that she adores him. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wants her to marry the best person possible who will take care of her and fulfill all of her wishes. He simply wishes to see Lakshmi happy.

Ayush is upset because Rishi has let them down. He claims that the Bhaang pill is ineffective. Shalu claims that the pill worked, but Rishi refuses to reveal the truth. The bhaang pills are thrown by Ayush. It lands in a Thandai pot. Malishka, according to Ayush, will not tell them the truth if they spike her drink. Mukesh requests that the man serves the Thandai to everyone.

Lakshmi yanks Ayush’s ears and chastises him for giving Bhaang to Rishi. Shalu expresses regret. She claims that they expected Rishi to confess his feelings. Everyone is served the spiked Thandai. Malishka arrives to mock Lakshmi. She consumes the spiked Thandai while Shalu abstains. Malishka asks Ayush if he planned this to bring Rishi and Lakshmi together.


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