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Registration for Amarnath Yatra starts from today, know how to visit Baba Barfani


After a long wait of two years, once again the process of registration for Amarnath Yatra has started. This time the Yatra will start from 30th June and will continue till 11th August. Nitishwar Kumar, CEO of Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board had given information about the registration two days ago. The Jammu and Kashmir administration has prepared a Yatri Niwas with a capacity of 20,000 for the annual pilgrimage to Amarnath Dham in South Kashmir.

In the year 2020 and 2021, due to Kovid-19, it was planned to visit the Amarnath cave at an altitude of 3,880 meters symbolically. Therefore, this year the number of devotees is expected to be very high. Tell us how you can register for this tour

When will the journey start?
The date of Amarnath Yatra is also based on the Hindu calendar and the monthly Shivratri. The starting date of the Yatra is not fixed every year, but the last date of the Yatra is Sawan Purnima. This time the Amarnath Yatra will start from June 30 and will run till August 11.

How long will this journey be this time?
The duration of Amarnath Yatra is also not fixed every year. It is set for a maximum of 35 days to 60 days in a given year. Earlier Amarnath Yatra was scheduled for 60 days, later the duration was reduced every year due to many local problems. This year the journey will be of 43 days.

In which banks will the registration be done?
You can register for Yatra in any of the four banks. These are- Jammu and Kashmir Bank, PNB Bank, Yes Bank and SBI. The pilgrims will be given RFID so that the Shrine Board can track the pilgrims.

Will the registration be done anywhere other than in the bank?
Registration for the Yatra can be done online through various banks across the country as well as through the Shrine Board’s website and mobile app.

What age group can go on this trip?
People below 75 years of age and above 13 years of age can register for the Yatra. This time around three lakh devotees from the country and abroad are expected to attend the Amarnath Yatra.

How tight are the security arrangements for travel?
Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Dilbagh Singh directed the security forces to take all necessary steps for the peaceful and smooth conduct of the Amarnath Yatra. The DGP visited Ganderbal in central Kashmir and reviewed the security situation in the district and preparedness for the tour. The Police Headquarters will provide all possible assistance for the peaceful conduct of the Yatra.



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