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Ranbir Kapoor Helped Akshay Kumar Propose to Prachi!


Prachi invites Akshay to assist her. A romantic song is played by the DJ. Akshay claims that the DJ has excellent timing. He requests a dance from Prachi. Prachi and Akshay perform a romantic dance to the song. Ranbir is irritated. He can’t tolerate seeing his love in the arms of someone else. He feels tricked into helping Akshay. Dida inquires about Ranbir’s exact location. He admits to being curious about how this happened when Akshay was in love with someone else. Ranbir notices Prachi and wishes she would refuse Akshay. Akshay gives Prachi a tender hug. Rhea invites Ranbir to join her in a dance. Dida summons Pallavi for a meeting. Here is about  Sweet Marriage Proposal to Prachi.

Rhea says she knew Ranbir was romantic, but she didn’t realize he was so romantic. She credits him with bringing Akshay and Prachi together. She says they will never forget Ranbir for arranging the romantic proposal, and Prachi will remember it because it was his poetry that won her heart. Ranbir regrets bringing them together. Prachi is feeling helpless. Ranbir’s heart is broken. He turns and walks away. Aryan recognizes his anguish and pursues him. Rhea congratulates Prachi and hugs her. She claims that Prachi is deserving of the world’s happiness. When Akshay receives Ashok’s call, he informs him that he has completed the task. Get to know Ranbir and Rhea’s Engagement.

Ranbir Kapoor Helped Akshay Propose to Prachi

Rhea Chakraborty Shares to Prachi: How He Helped Akshay  Propose to Her!

Prachi is at a loss for what to say to Rhea. Rhea tells her a secret: Ranbir assisted Akshay in proposing to her. Prachi is astounded to learn this. She is perplexed, wondering how Ranbir can do this. She tries to flee. Dida and Badi Dadi enquire if Pallavi understands anything. Pallavi inquires about the situation. Dida explains that Ranbir felt bad and is in pain after seeing the proposal. Pallavi claims that Ranbir was already aware of Akshay and Prachi. we also covered Romantic Twist.

Pallavi, according to Badi Dadi, should understand her son; Ranbir did not forget the past and move on; he is still standing at the same point. Pallavi claims that Ranbir was assisting Akshay. Badi Dadi claims that he may have helped Akshay, but he misjudged the girl. Pallavi wonders how this is possible. According to Badi Dadi, Ranbir may have been in the dark. Dida is also certain that Ranbir was unaware of Prachi’s existence. Pallavi realizes they are correct. She inquires as to what they expect her to do. She explains that she couldn’t do anything when Akshay proposed to Prachi because it was her choice and decision.

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