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Ranbir and Prachi’s Elevator Conversation Reveals Their True Feelings!


Kumkum Bhagya 5 april 2023 update.When delayed in the lift, Ranbir and Prachi have a lovely conversation. She praises Akshay. She says Akshay is so organized and caring that she can’t stop thinking about him. He also compliments Rhea on being a loving person and an ideal life mate. They both aim to make each other jealous by showing that they are not alone and have a worthy life partner. Ranbir says he won’t say anything else because he doesn’t want her to feel horrible about his remarks. She wonders if he’s going to say something bad. He informs her that she is very happy with Prachi, which is a good thing, and he is glad that he assisted Akshay in proposing to her. He is punished by her for helping Akshay. She claims that Akshay should not have proposed to her in front of everyone. Here is about Proposal Gone Wrong.

She says that he made that mistake because of Ranbir’s suggestion. Ranbir claims that it was not his idea and that Akshay ignored him and proposed to her. He claims that after seeing the proposal, Dida went insane and proclaimed Rhea and his marriage. He goes on to say that if Akshay had not made that move, Dida would not have made that announcement. He claims that Prachi was praising Akshay for being mature and intelligent, but he is not. He goes on to say that she deserves a fool like Akshay, who has no sense at all. She becomes enraged as he dismisses Akshay.

He claims that Akshay is not intelligent or understanding, but that he is the right man for Prachi. She claims Akshay is better than Ranbir. He asks her whether she wants to fight with him. She says she doesn’t want to fight him since she has no right and he has no right to talk to her. She deems his speech nonsense. He expresses his disinterest in conversing with her. He regrets sharing the same lift with her. They are trapped in the lift and are attempting to escape. Ranbir informs Prachi that she no longer has to work because her boss has become her family. We also covered  Ranbir and Rhea’s Engagement announcement.

He goes on to say that he is delighted for her because she has found someone she likes. She claims that Akshay is lovely, thus she and everyone else like him. He informs her that she likes Akshay as well. She expresses her admiration for Akshay in the same way that Ranbir admires Rhea. She mocks Ranbir for getting what he desired. He wonders what she is saying. She informs him that he now has Rhea in his life. They are irritated with one another. As Rhea and Akshay learn of their predicament, they race to assist them. Akshay wishes to save both Prachi and Ranbir. He is unaware of their past.

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