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Rakhi Sawant was asking for a kiss from a new boyfriend on the street, when Adil pushed her in public


Actress Rakhi Sawant creates some kind of controversy every day. Now again a latest video of Rakhi Sawant has surfaced on social media which is going viral very fast. Every day Rakhi is seen having lots of fun with the paparazzi as she steps out of the house. She was seen doing something similar this time as well, but this time taking the fun a little heavier with her boyfriend.

Rakhi Sawant was asking for a kiss from a new boyfriend on the street, when Adil pushed her in public

Rakhi Sawant spotted by paparazzi with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rakhi was seen in a very cheerful mood and the actress suddenly started asking her boyfriend for a kiss. Adil was also amused in such a situation. Amused, Adil bends his leg and hits Rakhi’s back with his knee. It was clear from Rakhi’s expression that she was feeling very strongly. In such a situation, netizens say, this time, Adil had a lot of fun.

This funny video of Rakhi and Adil is going viral on social media. We tell you that Rakhi is famous for her great style, Adil is seen looking very shy and shy with Rakhi. The duo of Adil and Rakhi is loved by their fans and their videos are also loved by the fans.

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Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant also spoke about Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot. Rakhi Sawant reveals the reason why Ranveer Singh is naked. When the paparazzi questioned Rakhi Sawant about Ranveer Singh’s nude pictures, Rakhi got angry and started saying that Ranveer didn’t take any nude pictures, but naked people are watching. He is my friend. The heat is so hot that Ranveer turns on the AC and goes to take a bath when a monkey picks up his clothes. Now this video is going viral on social media and this flirtation of Rakhi Sawant is getting many likes.

Rakhi and Adil’s wedding is eagerly awaited by their fans. Rakhi is often seen talking about her and Adil getting married, but till now Rakhi has not confirmed when she and Adil will get married.

Rakhi Sawant Funny Video

Rakhi and Adil Video

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