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Rakhi Sawant Adds, “Won’t Spare the People Who Come in Between Me and Adil”

Rakhi Sawant is a household name in the entertainment industry. She recently made news for her appearance on Bigg Boss, when she captured the hearts of the crowd. She was a wild card that made it to the finals of BB15. But she was eliminated just a few days before the finale, which upset her greatly.

She made waves when she eventually revealed the identity of her husband Ritiesh, and fans were eager to see them both on the reality show. However, many of them claimed that they were a planned couple and that their marriage was a forgery. She eventually stopped the marriage and divorced.

We’ve seen several times how the actress broke down in front of the media when remembering her ex-husband, Ritiesh, and said how much she loved him and how devastated she was. But the actress has moved on and is happier now that she has discovered the love of her life.

The actress looked very hot and cheerful as she introduced the love of her life via video conference while mingling with the media.

She is currently making headlines for her love life with her new lover, ‘Adil.’

We recently saw the argument between Rakhi and Sherlyn Chopra, in which the two are seen accusing each other. However, there have been speculations that Rakhi may have filed a case against her partner Adil. Rakhi had finally broken her silence about causing a schism between Adil and her.

Rakhi spoke to the media on her way back from the police station, saying, “I am warning people who are trying to come between Adil and me and spreading this false news; one of the media portals did write that the senior inspector told about such a case, but now when I met him, he said that there is no such case.”

“The senior inspector indicated that such cases don’t exist between husband and wife and that I shouldn’t pay attention to it, and it’s the last warning that if anybody comes between us, I won’t spare that person, no matter how hard I try and keep away from problems,” she added.

Rakhi seemed to be irritated by these false reports, but she has now cleared the air.

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