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Rakhi Dave will do the spectacle of Shah family, what can happen to Kinjal’s lap?

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, Anupama goes to her house and sees Rakhi Dave trying to humiliate Babuji. In this, Anupama is attracted to Anupama and Rakhi starts hitting Dave at his feet. So Kinjal will also be with Anupama. Rakhi will then remind Anupama of the humiliation done by Barkha and Bapuji. Responding to this, Pankhi will say that your sources did not tell what the mother did there?

There will be another bomb blast in the Rakhi Dave Shah family. He will announce Kinjal’s lap to which Anupama responds to him and says that she had to ask the narrator before taking this decision. Rakhi will get upset hearing this and will say that Kinjal’s lap will be at their house at 12 pm. He says you all have to come ready and if it doesn’t happen then he will send his team. However, Kinjal will not say no to her Ghat and will say that her lap will be with her father-in-law.

Rakhi Shah is believed to be Kinjal’s lap in the house but he beats Toshun as unemployed and Anupama is also called Amir Amir. Then Rakhi will tell Anupama that she too can take her in-laws in her lap. But Baa says that no one will come from Anupama’s father-in-law.

Anupama will get annoyed on hearing this from Baa and will try to convince Baa. Anupama insists on Baa, then Baa says that if you do not insist, then I will not call you either. Hearing this, Anupama gets angry and tells Bane that earlier you did not call my companions, now you do not call my father-in-law. Babuji comes and invites Anupama’s father-in-law.

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