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Rajveer Receives Apologies From Palki: Nidhi Used Shaurya!


Nidhi receives a phone call from a friend. She claims that she became involved with family responsibilities. Her friend wonders how she manages such a large joint family. She interrogates her about the family members. Nidhi expresses her affection for Karan. She goes on to say that she can make anyone dance to her music. She claims that her son Shaurya adores her more than his biological mother. She’s turned him into a puppet. She is relieved that he loves her the most; he is in her hands, and no one can tell her otherwise. She explains how she used Shaurya to take over the entire house.

Mahi, on the other hand, hugs Palki and asks how she is. Palki claims to be fine. Mahi predicts that Palki will become wealthy soon. Palki informs us that she is not a heart surgeon. She requests that Mahi keep the room clean. Mahi is only interested in money. Money, according to Palki, isn’t everything. Mahi inquires as to how many hearts she has broken. Palki claims that she has not had an affair and that she cannot break their parents’ hopes and hearts by having an affair, as they have made many sacrifices for her studies. She is upset. Mahi claims to know their mother, father, and herself. She tells her not to be concerned.

Rakhi Expresses Regret to Her

Palki breaks down and sobs. Mahi comforts her. She tells Palki not to be concerned. She refuses to be sentimental. She wishes Palki luck in her life. She requests that she make some new friends. Palki is described as bossy and boring by her. She tells Palki that if she wants perfection in everything, she should hire someone who is nervous and makes mistakes, which she will correct. Palki has a flashback to Rajveer. Mahi inquires if she has met anyone. Palki tells her that she met someone on the way, that it was an accident, that the bus was hanging off the cliff, and that he should leave his medical profession because he can’t help his patients when his mind isn’t at peace. Mahi inquires if she thought he was cute. Palki beams.

Mahi advises her to get that cute guy in her life. Palki is teased by her. Palki informs her that she must leave for work. They embrace. When Rakhi breaks a vase, Nidhi becomes enraged. She goes to chastise Rakhi for breaking the pricey vase. She claims that she instructed her not to do any work. She requests that Bani looks after her Bahu. She invites them to sit down and gossip. She requests that Girish keep an eye on Rakhi. She punishes him for breaking the vase. Girish, according to Rakhi, is like a family member. She requests that she not punish him. Nidhi claims she was only scaring him to keep her fear alive. Rakhi expresses regret to her.

Nidhi irritates Bani. Nidhi’s friend claims that she, too, desires such a family to vent frustration and dominate them. Nidhi says she needs a man like Karan, who has lost his wife and his son needs a mother. It’s the ideal setting for her. Palki announces that she is leaving for work. Her parents lavish her with gifts. Mahi informs us that she needs to go shopping. Daljeet instructs him not to say anything to Mahi, who will become a famous model for the family. Khurana requests that she respect the medical profession. Palki arrives at the hospital. She informs him that she will be assisting Dr. Avinash.

Palki Apologizes for the Misunderstanding

Preeta, her first patient, is introduced to her. She inquires as to her well-being. Preeta assures her that she is fine. She inquires about the medications with Palki. Palki inquires about her nephew. Preeta introduces him as Rajveer. Palki believes he is a physician. Preeta explains that he is not a doctor, but rather Rajveer Arora, and that he wanted to clear it up but Palki was talking too much and wouldn’t let him. He is also very caring, according to her. Palki apologizes for the misunderstanding. Preeta enjoys her company. Rajveer sees Palki and refuses to meet her. He overhears Palki conversing with a nurse. He refuses to face her wrath.

He believes she constantly chastises everyone. He hurries to put on a doctor’s coat. He lies to her about going to check on the patients. He stages a play in front of her. Palki feels bad because it was her fault. She considers apologizing to him. She goes to apologize, but he ignores her. He doesn’t want her to be chastised. They have a funny moment. Rajveer requests that Palki not reprimand him. The lady compliments Rajveer on his kindness and sincerity. Palki claims to know the truth, that Rajveer is not a doctor, and that Preeta told her everything.

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