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Rahul Gandhi Is Given a Month’s Notice To Leave Government Bungalow


Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, has been asked to leave his Tughlaq Lane bungalow, which he has occupied since 2005. The eviction notice from the Lok Sabha housing panel came two days after he was disqualified from parliament following a two-year jail sentence handed down by a Gujarat court in a defamation case. Mr. Gandhi’s team stated that they had not received the notice, which came amid claims by Congress that he would file an appeal against the Gujarat court’s decision. He has 30 days to submit an appeal.

“This was expected of the BJP because the BJP is on a witch hunt,” claimed Congress MP and national spokesperson Dr. Naseer Hussain. “They use a variety of methods to quiet voices of dissent. They have used deception to force one of our key leaders out of parliament, which is nothing new “He said to NDTV.

The eviction, however, could be a technicality because, as a beneficiary of “Z-Plus” protection, Mr. Gandhi is entitled to government-provided housing, according to sources.

“He should be understood as a particular protector. He will need some time before he can find his place to stay. Whether he would write to them or not, or what will happen, will be revealed only when he acts “Dr. Hussain stated.

“Every MP is given a time limit, especially those close to the ruling dispensation… from that party… they received three months, four months, six months’ time,” Dr. Hussain stated, emphasizing that he does not want to “name names.”

Mr. Gandhi has until April 23 to depart the property at 12 Tughlaq Lane. The BJP has accused the Congress of “vindictiveness” and “melodrama.”

“You understand the borders of appropriateness, what is acceptable in the political and judicial systems. A court found him (Rahul Gandhi) guilty. Then, there are automated procedures “Hardeep Singh Puri, a Union minister, made the remark in reference to Mr. Gandhi’s disqualification.

They were making fun of Mr. Gandhi for his “He said, “You know the contribution of people like Savarkarji? I’m not Savarkar.” As I have stated, you are hiring an ass to run a horse race “.

In a four-year-old criminal defamation case involving his statements on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surname, Mr. Gandhi was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison last week. The Gujarat court granted him bail and gave him 30 days to submit an appeal. He was formally removed from the Lok Sabha on Friday.

Mr. Gandhi allegedly stated, “How come all thieves have the same surname Modi?” during the campaign for the 2019 general election. Purnesh Modi, a BJP MLA and former Gujarat minister, filed a police complaint shortly after.


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