November 29, 2022
ps5 will compete with xbox jio game controller, know when it will be launched in india
ps5 will compete with xbox jio game controller know when

Jio Game Controller launched in India: Telecom company Reliance Jio offers many more features to its users along with telecom plans. This time not a feature phone or a smartphone, but Jio has launched a game controller, which can be purchased from Jio’s official website. Here are five key points about this new game controller.

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Price and Availability: Jio Game Controller is priced at Rs. Can also be purchased on EMI starting from Rs 3,499. is 164. Let us tell you that the official controller of Xbox One also sells for Rs 3,499 while Sony PS5 and PS4 controllers are priced between Rs.

Controller Layout: The layout of this controller is similar to that of an Xbox controller. Its left analog stick is above the four directional buttons while the Sony controller has an analog stick below the directional buttons. Let us tell you that many companies like Redgear and Cosmic Byte follow the same layout as Xbox for their controllers.

20-Button Layout: While the Jio Game Controller has an Xbox-like design, its 20-button layout is similar to that of the Xbox. It has two shoulder keys on the left, two on the right, a Jio button in the middle and a Select and Start button on either side of the Jio button. The controller also has a back key, a home key and a TV key. Also included are analog sticks on the right and left, four directional buttons on the left, and four action buttons on the right.

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Features and Battery Life: This wireless controller can be used from a distance of 10 meters but gives you the old Bluetooth 4.1 connection. Jio claims that the game controller comes with eight hours of battery life. It can be charged using the micro USB port, not USB Type-C.

Compatibility: According to Jio’s website, Jio Game Controller can be used with Android smartphones, tablets, Android TVs and Jio set-top boxes. Due to the absence of a wireless dongle and USB Type-C port, this controller cannot be used with PCs, laptops, and consoles.

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