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Protest posters were also seen in Rajkot against Nupur Sharma demanding arrest

Nupur Sharma’s opposition is now being seen all over India. It is seen in many areas of Gujarat. Like Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, now there is a lot of protest in Rajkot too. Posters of Nupur Sharma’s arrest were put up at Azad Chowk in Rajkot. Late in the night suddenly someone put up posters.

It is being speculated that late night someone must have put up the poster. Police is investigating further after seeing this poster. Since then it has become a topic of much discussion all over Rajkot. The police is working to remove the posters all over the city.

Nupur Sharma’s protest is being seen across the country after Nupur Sharma’s comment on Mohammad Payangbar. Since then, the protest has spread across the country. Along with this, posters were also put up for the protest in many areas of Ahmedabad. Nupur Sharma has also suffered an injury on her face. Along with this, some people have also appeared in support of Nupur Sharma.

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