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Profile photo will not be visible to everyone, message will be deleted automatically, a lot has changed in WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to bring new features to make the chat experience for its millions of users more fun and secure than ever before. This is the reason why WhatsApp has brought so many new features in the last few years. There are several features in this rollout that have been released with a particular focus on user security and privacy. Today we are going to tell you about some of the latest features that came in WhatsApp. By using these features, you can enjoy chatting to the fullest while maintaining your privacy.

Profile photo is last seen and can determine who will see the status
This feature of WhatsApp is very much liked by the users. This feature lets you set which contacts can see your profile picture, status and last seen. For this, the company is now giving the option to leave My Contacts for Last Seen, Status and Profile Picture in the Accounts Privacy section. By going to this option, you can select those contacts whom you do not want to show these details.

invisible message
Users were waiting for this message for a long time. With the introduction of this feature, any sent message will be automatically deleted. The company offers the option of 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days to automatically delete the message. However, this feature cannot be called a complete success as screenshots of this message can be taken.

end-to-end encryption
The job of end-to-end encryption is to protect your chats from leaking. This feature keeps the message between the sender and the receiver and no third party including Facebook, Apple and Google can access the message.

Task update in last view
In late 2021, the company introduced a new privacy feature for WhatsApp users. The work of this feature is that it only shows users with whom you have previously chatted. If you have contacts with someone you’ve never chatted with, they won’t be able to see what your WhatsApp last viewed.

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