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Preparations to build a cow sanctuary in UP, planning will start from the 200th assembly


In view of the problems being faced by the farmers due to unclaimed animals, the Yogi government is preparing to start the Go Sanctuary scheme for its permanent solution. Initially, there is a plan to set up gaushalas in 200 assembly constituencies. Each Gaushala has a capacity of 5000 or more cows. These big cowsheds will be developed on government vacant land, barren land and pasture. If such land is illegally occupied, it will be removed.

Livestock, Milk Development and Minority Welfare Minister Dharampal Singh said in a special conversation with ‘Amar Ujala’ that the left wing cattle are becoming a problem for the farmers. An action plan has been prepared for a permanent solution to this problem. This will be implemented soon. He said that a model cowshed would be developed in Amla. Such gaushalas will be developed in all the Nyaya Panchayats of the district.

From milk and milk by-products to dung, urine will be commercially used
The Minister said that the Gaushala will have a natural environment. With the help of MNREGA, Panchayati Raj, Forest and Drinking Water Department, all necessary facilities including fodder, water, boundary wall, shed, animal treatment and human resources will be available here. All kinds of animals will be kept together. The cow’s milk and milk by-products will increase the income of the cow. From milk to cow dung and urine will be used.

Gaushala will run with its own resources
According to the minister, efforts will be made to connect the general public with the new scheme of conservation of unclaimed animals. He said that many big companies are buying cow dung and using it commercially. The government will ensure commercial use of cow dung in these gaushalas. Gaushalas will run from their own resources.

Murrah buffalo farming will be encouraged, semen will be cheaper
To increase milk production, breeding of Murrah buffalo will be encouraged. Murah buffalo gives more milk. Consideration is being given to reduce the cost of semen of Murrah buffalo. Minister Dharampal said that the semen of Murah buffalo is very expensive. Due to which its use is decreasing. Its semen will be made available at an affordable rate of Rs. Similarly, there are plans to encourage Dharparkar and Sahiwal cows.

Govardhan Yojana will be implemented in all the blocks
A government official said that the Center’s PM Govardhan Yojana will be implemented at the block level. Under this, work will be done on marketing and electricity supply model in Gaushalas by preparing bio-fertilizers and LPG using cow dung based technology.

Occupation of Waqf Board land will be removed
Dharampal said that information about the occupation of Waqf land is being received everywhere. All such possession will be removed. Waqf property will be used as per rules.



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