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Preeta and Shaurya’s Face-Off in Kundali Bhagya A New Spoiler You Can’t Miss


Kundali Bhagya Preeta Shaurya  Spoiler Alert! Shaurya and Rajveer are arrested and transported to the police station. Shaurya and his friends are arrested for the bus accident report submitted by Rajveer. Rajveer and Shaurya fight. Rajveer claims that Shaurya will be punished and will eventually find out what he did wrong. He wishes for Shaurya to understand his mistake and repent.

He promises to remove Shaurya’s misunderstanding that money can’t buy everything. Shaurya cries at the inspector to warn him. He warns the inspector that if he keeps him behind bars by listening to crazy Rajveer, he is doing wrong. He claims that the inspector has no idea who he is.

According to Rajveer, money does not make a person rich; instead, morals do. He taunts Shaurya for taking so long to develop morals. He promises that Shaurya will understand the meaning of morals, family, and values very soon. He goes on to say that Shaurya should have had a brother who would have kept him away from such bad company and slapped him to make him realize his mistakes.

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Shaurya advises him to keep his tongue under control. Rajveer instructs him to first be mindful of his language. They had a heated debate. Rajveer is really fond of Preeta. He will not stand for anyone hurting his mother. When fighting Shaurya, he suffers an injury. Rajveer is still unaware that Shaurya is Karan’s son Shaurya Luthra.

As an older brother, he lectures Shaurya. Shaurya is angry. The brothers are unaware of each other. Shaurya is Rajveer’s brother, which he will discover. When the police tell Preeta about Rajveer and Shaurya’s fight, she and Palki go to the police station. Shaurya and Preeta’s performance is hit-or-miss. Preeta and Palki are concerned after seeing Rajveer’s injuries.

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She inquires about Rajveer’s departure from home and where he went. She wants to know who is to blame for his injuries and why he got into a fight. She berates him for failing to notify her. Shrishti, she says, would be quite concerned about him. Rajveer claims to be well and that the individual responsible for the bus accident has been prosecuted. Palki helps Rajveer with his wounds.

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