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Police stopped soldiers on motorcycle in Sri Lanka, Defense chief demanded investigation, know 10 big things


When the Sri Lankan capital was stopped by police personnel in protest against the protest in Colombo, the sarpanch had to call the sarpanch, because the anti-government government has become furious.

Police stopped soldiers on motorcycle in Sri Lanka Defense chief

Special cases related to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka

Bike-borne armed men clash with police officers during a protest near Parliament in the capital Colombo
Anti-government protests started in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa lifted the state of emergency declared late Tuesday, 1 April. worsening
Amid the economic crisis, the government is struggling to contain the protests.

The ruling coalition lost its majority in parliament after at least 41 MPs withdrew from the coalition. At the same time,
Former allies have demanded the resignation of President Rajapaksa.

The Sri Lankan government is now in a minority, but opposition lawmakers are trying to pass a no-confidence motion to overthrow it immediately.
No clear signal found. Opposition groups demand resignation of PM in crisis
has been rejected.

A day after his appointment, Finance Minister Ali Sabri and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called for a loan scheme.
Resigned before negotiations.

The UN Human Rights Council says it is closely monitoring the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka, which has broken its human rights record.
facing criticism from the international community.

Troubled Sri Lanka has temporarily suspended its embassies in Norway and Iraq as well as the country’s consulate in Sydney.
have decided to close.

The IMF says it is monitoring Sri Lanka’s political and economic development “very closely” due to the economic crisis.
Public unrest is increasing across the country.

Ruler to deal with the economic situation arising out of foreign exchange crisis and balance of payments issues.
There has been a lot of agitation against the Rajapaksa family. The anger of the people in Sri Lanka is at its peak. As a result, the mob stormed several government buildings.
attempted sabotage.

It is battling the most painful recession since independence from Britain in 1948. Due to which the electricity supply of the people here came to a standstill.
Along with Karva, there is acute shortage of food, fuel and other necessities.



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