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PM Kisan FPO Scheme: Modi government is giving 15 lakh rupees to each farmer, join this scheme now

Farmers can get a lot of benefits by joining the PM Kisan FPO scheme of the central government. The government gives adequate subsidy to the farmers. The government also gives 15 lakh rupees to the farmers associated with it.

 PM Kisan FPO Scheme: Modi government is giving 15 lakh rupees to each farmer, join this scheme now

PM Kisan FPO Scheme: Modi government is giving 15 lakh rupees to each farmer, join this scheme now

The central government has started many schemes to improve the condition of the farmers. The central government has also started PM Kisan FPO Scheme. PM Modi has started this scheme to provide special facilities to the farmers so that they can get the same benefit from agriculture as any other industry. Explain that in this scheme, 15 lakh rupees will be given to each farmer.

What is this plan?

Under PM Kisan FPO scheme, farmers will be able to take advantage of the scheme by forming their own organization. FPO stands for Farmer Producer Organization. These organizations will be registered under the Companies Act and the government will provide assistance of Rs 15 lakh each to these organizations of farmers.

In this scheme, the farmer organization i.e. FPO will get all the benefits like any company. This will significantly increase the productivity of the farmers. But the Co-operative Act will not apply to Ex-Producer Organization (FPO).

How much will the government spend?

Initially, the central government is going to spend Rs 4,496 crore on this scheme. Out of this amount, cash assistance will be given to Farmer Producer Organizations, which will be registered under the Companies Act.

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Under this scheme, 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) will be formed after getting the approval of the Central Government. They will get all the benefits that a company enjoys, as they will be registered only under the Companies Act.

What will be the benefit to the farmers?

A group of small and marginal farmers will be formed under PM Kisan FPO Scheme. The farmers of this group will be provided market for their produce. Not only this, it will be easy for them to buy fertilizers, seeds, medicines and agricultural equipment by joining the organization.

getting rid of middlemen

Farmers involved in PM Kisan FPO Scheme will not have to resort to middlemen to sell their produce. They can sell their products in the market only through their organization.

This will free them from the trap of middlemen. By joining FPO, farmers can get better price for their produce. Under PM Kisan FPO scheme, at least 11 farmers can form their union together. It can be called an agriculture company. Seeing the work of FPO, the central government will give 15 lakh rupees in 3 years

how to get help

At least 300 farmers should be associated with the farmer forming the FPO or agriculture company. This number is for the plain area. In mountainous areas, their number can be up to 100. NABARD will oversee and evaluate the work of Consultancy Services Organization (FPO). Apart from this, there are some conditions, about which the officials associated with this scheme can give information.

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