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Petrol companies started robbing customers in Gujarat, diesel prices increased by Rs 31

The prices of many commodities have risen sharply since the war in Russia and Ukraine. The war between the two countries is causing huge losses to the whole world. At present, the prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky. Private companies are now looting customers for profits.

On one hand I have reached the sky today, on the other hand petrol-diesel has reached heights. The price of diesel in Kanji’s petrol pumps and government companies is around Rs. Due to the circular issued by the government, the whole matter has come under discussion.

Diesel prices in Ahmedabad have increased by more than Rs 150. And the price of petrol is being seen up to Rs 105, which is now causing a lot of trouble to everyone and there is a huge difference of Rs 5 in the price of petrol and diesel.

The state-owned company has the same prices but the city Naira and Reliance’s prices have risen sharply.

At present, the prices of private companies are much higher than that of government companies. Private companies are charging exorbitant prices, causing the prices of petrol and diesel to skyrocket. At present, out of stock boards are being put up at many petrol pumps, due to which the owners of petrol pumps of private companies are charging exorbitant prices.

Naira Pappa is taking three rupees more in the price of diesel. On this occasion, President of Petrol Association Arvind Thackeray said that there is a war going on between the two countries in the world which is affecting India a lot but in near future it will be brought due to substantial efforts of the government. under control.

Also, the government will definitely take action against those who take more money from petrol and diesel in the near future and the petrol pumps will have to be closed now to prevent the loss.

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