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People call it the fort of death, those who stay at night say something that will surprise you

The history of India has been very rich and powerful. The palaces and forts of kings and emperors are famous all over the world. The remains of many such palaces and forts are still present in it, which show the strength of that time.

They are discussed far and wide for the carving and construction of these forts. However, now there are many forts where it is claimed to be haunted. Often people shy away from going here. There are some places where there is no problem in walking during the day, but people like to go out as soon as it gets dark. Failure to do so may result in an accident.

This dangerous fort is built on a slope: However, today we are talking about the Prabalgarh Fort located between Panvel and Matheran in Maharashtra. It is claimed that this fort is haunted. Seeing this fort, it can be estimated that how many difficulties had to be faced in its construction. This fort is built on a hill about 2300 feet high.

If the feet are slippery, the body is in the pit and the soul is above. It is believed that failing to do so will put life in danger. This fort is famous as Kalavanti. The name of this fort was earlier Muranjan. Later Shivaji named the fort after Queen Kalavati and the name was changed to Kalavanti.

Many fell and died during the climb: there are only CDs to go up here. No ropes and railings for support. If one’s foot slips during the climb, the person’s body goes straight into the pit and reaches the soul.

It has been built at such a height that even if one climbs safely, Karnal, Chanderi, Matheran and Irshal can be seen from here. Apart from this, some places of Mumbai are also visible from here. There are rumors that many people died after falling during the climb. In such a situation, it is believed that their soul wanders here and it is not appropriate to stay here at night.

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