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Who is Pedro Pascal Dating in 2023? Is Pedro Pascal Married?

Pedro Pascal is One of the biggest stars on TV. He currently plays Joel in The Last of Us, a tremendously popular new HBO series.

He will return in March as the titular figure in the third season of the wildly popular HBO Max series The Mandalorian. Not to mention his breakthrough performance on Game of Thrones as Oberyn Martell, his lead role in the Netflix series Narcos, his portrayal as a villain in Wonder Woman 1984, his appearance with Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and many other notable roles. Guy has it down.

Bio Overview

Net Worth $10 Million
Name Pedro Pascal
Date of Birth 2 April 1975
Age 47 Years Old
Gender Male
Profession Actor

Is Pedro Pascal Married?

As of 2023, Pedro Pascal, who plays the Mandalorian on Star Wars, is not married. He is single right now. He also keeps his relationship very quiet. Both in interviews and on social media, he didn’t talk about it much.

He has an Instagram account, but we can’t tell anything about his love life from it. He talks a lot about what he thinks about some important issues, shows pictures of his family, and talks about what he does.

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Still, none of them are even close to telling him who his partner is. So, it’s safe to say that he’s happy being single and putting more effort into his career right now.

He doesn’t need constant news about his relationships to get people interested in him and the media to talk about him. His life is full of exciting things, one of which is how hard he works.

Pedro didn’t get to where he is today all at once. When he was in high school and wanted to be an actor, he was fired 17 times. He had to work to make money so he could follow his dream. Before Pedro worked in movies, he was fired from a number of jobs in the food business. So it’s good that he didn’t give up until he was able to act.

Aside from that, people always talk about him. From the women, he’s been seen with or the rumor that he’s gay. Here, we’ll find out the truth about everything that happened in Pedro Pascal’s life.

Pedro Pascal Dating

Dating History and Dating Rumor

Maria Dizzia plays Piper on Orange Is the New Black and is said to have been one of Pascal’s first girlfriends. Several sources say that the two met on the set of Law & Order in the 1990s, but that seems unlikely since neither of them appeared on a Law & Order series until 2006. Most likely, they met on the set of Law & Order in 2008, when they both appeared in the episode “Tango.” That would also fit with reports that the relationship if it happened at all, ended in 2011.

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Pascal has also been linked to a few other women, but there is good evidence that they were just friends in all of these cases. For example, there have been rumors that he was dating actress Sarah Paulson because he sometimes showed up at red-carpet events with her. In reality, it seems like the two have only known each other since they were teenagers and met in New York City. Paulson is with her partner, Holland Taylor, right now.

Pascal was also linked to Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. People saw them out together a lot in 2014 when Pascal’s season 4 of Game of Thrones was on. There were even rumors that Headey’s second child, who was born in 2015, might have been Pascal’s. But she later said that Dan Cadan, her husband at the time, was the father.

Pedro Pascal and Robin Tunney Dating Rumor

In 2015, there were rumors that Pedro was dating The Mentalist actress Robin Tunney When they were both seen leaving Sushi Park Restaurant in Los Angeles in 2015, the rumor started.

Robin and Pedro went to the 2015 Emmy Awards together and took some pictures. It wasn’t clear if the two were coming together or separately. Still, they both looked beautiful.

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Both of them don’t seem to want to talk about this rumor, so we’ll never know for sure. But some news outlets said that it was just a rumor and that they had never dated in real life.

Pedro Pascal Dating

Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson Dating Rumor

Sarah Paulson, who stars in the TV show American Horror Story, was also linked to Pedro. Fans of both of them know that they have been best friends for as long as anyone can remember. But the fact that they got together is news to most people.

When they were teenagers, they met for the first time in New York. At the time, both Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson were just starting out in Hollywood. Even though the business has its ups and downs, they have stayed in touch and are still best friends.

They are less likely to be together, though. Also, neither Pedro nor Sarah could confirm anything, so the news went away. But despite all of Pedro’s lies, their friendship stayed strong.

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