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Pearls flourish for which zodiac sign, know what are the benefits of wearing them. astrology


Indian News: According to astrology, people whose moon planet is weak or inauspicious can wear pearls. The description of 84 Uparatnas and 9 gems is found in the Ratna Shastra of Hinduism. These 9 gems are believed to be related to some or the other planet. Among these 5 main gems are diamond, emerald, ruby, pearl and topaz, according to Ratna Shastra, gems help a person to progress in life by increasing the auspicious effects of planets. Today we are going to tell you about one of these gems. Which is believed to be associated with the planet Moon. So let’s know about the method of wearing pearls and its benefits.

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Which zodiac sign can wear pearls?

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According to astrology, the people who get angry more. Or a person who has started living in constant depression, he can wear a pearl. Apart from this, people whose zodiac sign is Cancer or Cancer ascendant can also wear pearls. According to Vedic astrology, the Moon is the lord of fortune in the horoscope of the people of Scorpio ascendant, but in this Scorpio sign, the Moon becomes debilitated. Therefore, people with this zodiac are advised to wear pearls as well as wear Chandra Yantra.

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benefits of wearing pearls

According to astrology, the moon exerts the most influence on our mind and mind, and the relation of pearls is believed to be with the moon. Therefore, it is good to wear pearls to keep the mind calm and the mind stable. Pearls are obtained from shells in the sea. The best pearl is found in the South Sea, it has yellow stripes.

It is believed that round shaped pearls are the best. Along with being round, if the pearl is yellow in itself, then the person wearing such a pearl is a scholar. Also, if it is long and round in shape and there is an annular or crescent-shaped sign like the color of the sky in the middle, then the person wearing such a pearl gets a good son.

Pearls flourish for which zodiac sign know what are the

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