December 7, 2022
 અનુપમાના લગ્ન થતાજ સામે આવશે પાંખીનો મુસ્લિમ બોયફ્રેન્ડ, અનુજ-અનુપમાની દીકરીની થશે સિરિયલમાં એન્ટ્રી

The popular TV show Anupama currently has a track of romance between Anuj and Anupama. After many ups and downs, both of them got married and now Anupama is going to make a new beginning in her life with Anuj. The show has looked a bit unfocused in the recent episodes. Fans will also be surprised to see this twist.

Anupama’s show is continuously winning the hearts of its audience. Makers also surprise the fans by presenting new twists in this show from time to time. Some new promo videos of the show have also surfaced on Teva. After watching this video, it is known that big changes are going to happen in Anupama’s life.

The channel has recently released a new video. In which it is shown that Anupama meets Anuj’s cousin and his wife Barkha. Barkha tells Anupama to forget her past and move to the present. But Anupama gives him a tough answer in her own style.

Apart from this, another promo has also surfaced in which Anuj and Anupama are seen thinking of adopting a little girl. In this promo, Anuj tells Anupama about his orphanage days. When Anupama supports Anuj, a little girl is seen seeking Lord Krishna’s blessings. After this promo, it is discussed that Anuj and Anupama will adopt the girl. Even after that, many changes are going to come in Anupama’s life.

According to a recent report, another new entry is going to happen in the show soon. The actor who played the role of Karan in the TV serial Choti Sardarani has been roped in for the show.

Adik will be seen playing the role of Anupama’s daughter Pankhi’s boyfriend in the show. A source close to the show told that the track will feature a Hindu-Muslim love angle.

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