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Pain and Perception: Kanta and Bhavesh Notice Anupama’s Discomfort


Anupama’s 4th April 2023 Written Update New Beginning. Kanta tells Maya that Anuj and Anupama’s love is not so frail that it will go away. She is unhappy with Anuj. She claims that she questioned his love, but she is certain that there is no one other in his heart. Maya will never take Anupama’s position, she realizes. She claims that Maya will never be Anupama. She tells Maya not to have dreams about Anuj. After realizing his reality, she mocks Maya. She claims that Anuj and Anupama were made for one another and that they grew apart only to reconnect. Maya says she will look into it. Kanta puts her to the test. She walks away. Maya asks Anuj if he doesn’t want to live at her house with her. He says he’ll be staying at a friend’s place.

He asks that Maya send Anu to his location. He walks away. Maya promises that Anuj would come to her forever and accept her love very soon. She gains confidence. Anupama’s wait is now over. Kanta has finally returned. Anupama goes up to her and inquires about Anuj. She inquires as to Anuj’s well-being and whether she has met Anu. She asks about Anuj and Anu. She requests that Kanta tell her what Anuj told her, whether he missed her, and whether he was eager to return. Kanta remembers Anuj’s comments. She informs Anupama that Anuj has refused to return and has urged her not to wait for him. Anupama is taken aback. She wonders if Kanta and Anuj are misleading her.

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Bhavesh is Hopeful That Anuj Will Return

She refuses to believe it until Kanta says it again and makes her see. Kanta informs her that Anuj and Anupama’s relationship is not the same; Anuj can live without Anupama but not with his daughter. Anupama cries out in agony. Anuj and Anupama succumb to the agony of loneliness. Everything is over, according to Anupama. Kanta requests that she live and move on. Anupama goes into a room and falls. Bhavesh wonders how Anuj could say such a thing. Kanta claims she only said what Anuj told her. She claims to have seen Anuj’s love for Anupama in his eyes. He says she should have told Anupama. Kanta says she can’t inform Anupama because she doesn’t want to give her false hope. Bhavesh is hopeful that Anuj will return.


She advises Anupama to cease waiting for Anuj. They attempt to soothe Anupama. Hasmukh is concerned about Anupama. He instructs Kavya to contact Anuj. He wishes to speak with Anuj. When Anupama does not open the door, Kanta and Bhavesh become concerned. Kinjal contacts Anupama and her family. She claims that no one is answering her phone calls. Vanraj is afraid of the worse. He says he encountered Anupama in the morning and she didn’t look well; she might take the wrong step in her grief, and he doesn’t want to leave her alone in this state. He expresses his desire to assist her through these trying times. If he wants to aid Anupama, Hasmukh begs him to keep away from her. He informs Anupama that she is accompanied by her family. He cautions Vanraj. He assures Anuj and Anupama that everything will be OK.

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Kanta and Bhavesh Notice Anupama is in Pain

He requests that Vanraj stop thinking about Anupama. Vanraj expresses his difficulty to stop thinking about her. Bhavesh enters the room after breaking down the door. Kanta and Bhavesh notice Anupama is in pain. Anupama expresses her dissatisfaction with the fight. She continues, “I did a lot for the Shah family, but I didn’t keep them happy, I didn’t get anything in return, and now my family has fractured for the second time.” Anupama had given up hope of ever living. Kanta advises her to live her life and not pass up the opportunities that come her way. She requests that she not become weak because she is Anupama. Anupama is motivated to live her life on her terms and to make the rest of her life the best it can be.

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