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OMG have you ever seen AC shoes..? This will give a lot of coolness to the feet

India is facing record breaking heat. In many states, the temperature has reached above 40 degrees. In such a situation, people have taken out AC-coolers in their homes. In summer it is not possible to go out of the house and take AC air. The sex spirit has to go out and wander in the heat. Wearing shoes causes a lot of sweating and wearing sleepers causes a lot of burning sensation in the feet. Today we are going to tell you about a shoe that has a fan. Even if you walk in summer, your feet will feel cool like AC.

Fan shoes have arrived in the market
Let us tell you, these shoes have been launched in Japan. These shoes are available on the Japanese e-commerce website Chiyoda. People are buying these shoes unnecessarily. These shoes are in great demand in Japan. These shoes are called ‘USB Foot Coolers’. These shoes made in Japan are discussed everywhere.

Sweat will not come even after wearing shoes
Shoes don’t look like they have fans in them. Wearing shoes in scorching heat will not cause sweat or noise. There are a few things to keep in mind while wearing shoes. These shoes cannot be worn in rain, water or swimming. The shoe fan can break in water.

so is the price
As mentioned above, these shoes can be purchased from the Japanese e-commerce website Chiyoda. The price of the shoes in Japan is 7,245 yen (Rs 4,414). You can rest assured that these shoes won’t sweat in the heat even if they don’t look stylish. The shoes are quite comfortable and easy to use.

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