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Offer to rob me! Here you are getting 1 kg of flour, sugar, Ram etc. for 1 rupee, today is the last day

The effect of rising inflation is being felt in everyone’s home. In this age if we tell you that you can buy things like flour, sugar, maida and semolina in just one rupee, will you believe us? If so, here’s how and if you don’t trust us, read on and learn more about the deals. We are here to tell you how you can take these products home for just one rupee. Not only this, with the help of vegetables, you can get your daily vegetables at a very low price.

If you are wondering from where you can buy all these items in one rupee, then let us tell you that these deals are being offered on Amazon and Flipkart. Both these platforms are the leading online shopping platforms in the country, where you can get all kinds of goods at very low prices. From this platform, you can take home flour, sugar, semolina and maida for one rupee.

In this limited time offer running on Amazon Fresh, you can get a half kg packet of APLUS Super Saver Roasted Sooji at just Rs. Let us tell you that even though the cost of a packet of half a kg of semolina is Rs 51, but you are being given a discount of 98 percent.

Pillsbury Mill Fresh Flour, priced at Rs. At Rs 58 per kg, it can be taken home from Flipkart grocery at Re 1 per kg. Let us tell you that if you want to buy this one kg of flour for one rupee, then you have to buy it for one thousand rupees. If you do not do this, then the cost of one kg of flour for you will be Rs 55 instead of Rs 58.

If you buy a one kg packet of Dhampur Sulfurless Sugar from Flipkart Kirana, you can go home for Re. But let us tell you that to take advantage of this Flipkart deal, you have to buy it for Rs 600. If you do not spend Rs 600 then after 30% discount you will be able to buy one kg of sugar for Rs 45 instead of Rs 65.

If you are thinking of getting all purpose flour for your home, then let us tell you that after 98% discount you can get 500 grams of flour at home from Amazon Fresh instead of Rs 500. If you take one kg of flour, then you will have to pay only two rupees for it. The deal also provides bank offers and cashback opportunities.

Along with flour, maida, sugar and semolina, you also get a kilo of potatoes for one rupee. This vegetable is available at Rs.39 per kg after 97 percent discount from Amazon Fresh. This means that on Amazon you are getting 100 grams of potato for 10 paise.

There are many such deals offered daily on Amazon and Flipkart which means these are daily deals that you can avail within 24 hours.

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