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Nupur Sharma dominated social media, getting sympathy from all sides.

BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who has been sacked from the party over a remark made in a TV debate, has been doing the rounds on social media for the past few hours. Social media users are expressing their condolences. At the same time, they are criticizing the BJP high command. It is being said that BJP spokesperson will now hesitate before taking his side, which will cause big loss to BJP.

Director Ashok Pandit, known for his pro-Hindu image, tweeted to the BJP high command asking whom the BJP wanted to please. This decision of BJP has broken the morale of lakhs of workers.

Another social media user wrote, ‘If you think Nupur Sharma’s statement is wrong, then was it appropriate to make Shivling on the road? Another user wrote that whatever Nupur Sharma said is written in the books, he just quoted it.

Sangh Vichar Prabhu Narayan has written that the action taken by BJP against Nupur Sharma is an insult to Hindu culture. Insulting Hindus is an insult to humanity and tantamount to promoting racism.

In such a situation, many people have termed this decision of BJP as wrong and are saying that Nupur has been forcibly made a scapegoat.

On the other hand, it is being said that the BJP government is under pressure due to deteriorating business relations with the Arab world, due to which people have to be expelled from Sharma’s party. This decision has been taken in view of the bad image of India.

It is worth noting that Nupur Sharma had made a comment during the debate last week. In which he has spoken of insulting the Prophet. His statement is also being blamed for the unrest caused by the Muslim community in Kanpur.

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